Our team members believe that by improving our media landscape, we can improve our society.

They are talented and passionate, and we couldn’t do this without them See the bios of our stellar team below.

Daina Middleton
Daina MiddletonChief Growth Officer
• Former CEO of Ansira
• Former CEO of Performics
• Former Head of B2B Marketing at Twitter
Romano Nickerson
Romano NickersonData Visualization Lead Developer
• Experienced data viz engineer at large architecture firm
• Certified Lean Design Coach
Ria Otero
Ria OteroOperations
• Co-founder and creator of ely® app
• Experienced operations and admin professional
Robert Rapplean
Robert RappleanChief Technology Officer
• Database architect, Denver Health
• Former developer at several startups including SendGrid and Altitude Digital

Analysts and Coordinators

Our dedicated analysts and coordinators make all our content ratings possible.

Jeffrey Bell
Jeffrey BellAnalyst
CTO of technology firm
Shawn Davis
Shawn DavisAnalyst
Attorney focused on child support matters
Darrell Chatraw
Darrell ChatrawAnalyst
Beth Heldebrandt
Beth HeldebrandtAnalyst
Public relations director at Booth Library, Eastern Illinois University
Moreno Weilenmann
Moreno WeilenmannCoordinator
Business Analyst at a large Dutch bank
Dan Madsen
Dan MadsenAnalyst
Retired teacher from the Los Angeles Unified School District.
Nancy Leichter
Nancy LeichterAnalyst
Business and Media professional
Jeff VonWald
Jeff VonWaldAnalyst
Educational and other mission-driven initiatives professional
Mary Ann Taylor
Mary Ann TaylorAnalyst
CPS caseworker and college English teacher
Murry Smith
Murry SmithAnalyst
Graduate Research Assistant at the Georgia Institute of Technology
Betty Jung
Betty JungAnalyst
Teacher at Southern Connecticut State University