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Reputable journalism organizations realize that the crisis of trust in news media can be damaging to both their own news organizations and to the communities they serve. They are also sensitive to complaints of bias and errors and want to understand how to best retain the trust of audiences. In view of this environment of low trust and the real problems of misinformation and disinformation readers face in our current news landscape, many publishers want to figure out whether audience complaints are valid, overblown, or perhaps a combination of both.

A core aspect of our company’s work is to elevate the work of real journalists, and to help all stakeholders in good news media differentiate between all types of content in our information landscape. We have found that the most consistent way to do this is by applying a rigorous content analysis methodology. We do not conduct opinion polls of readers; plenty of other reputable organizations already do that, and we believe we can derive more useful and objective data by looking at the content itself.

It is our mission to make news consumers smarter and news media better, and we welcome working with publishers that willing to take a hard look at their own media properties and measure their own bias. It will take the efforts of everyone—publishers, news readers, educators, and advertisers to improve our news ecosystem, and we appreciate the opportunity to help publishers do the important work they do in that ecosystem.

Publisher Audits

Ad Fontes Media provides custom content ratings services to provide insights on any sets of news content a publisher would like evaluated. Publishers can request one-time or ongoing projects, which are billed based on the volume of content rated.

Our team will work with you to define a scope of news properties you would like rated and a period of time over which you would like them rated.

Our trained, diverse, politically balanced team of analysts can rate any print, online, audio, and/or video content according to our detailed methodology. Ratings data is provided in several formats, including on a customized instance of the Interactive Media Bias Chart application.


We continuously rate news sources so we can provide insight to all stakeholders in good news media. Publishers who are proud of their ratings from Ad Fontes Media may reference these ratings in commercial applications such as promotional activities with consumers or advertisers. Commercial use of Ad Fontes Media’s ratings are prohibited without a license.

Licensing includes use of Ad Fontes Media’s intellectual property such as trademarks and copyrights, including data visualizations based on the Media Bias Chart.

Publishers are not required to commission a publisher audit from Ad Fontes Media in order to enter into a licensing agreement, and may license ratings Ad Fontes Media has produced on its own accord.

Ad Fontes Media’s ratings are used by multiple stakeholders in good news media, including individual news consumers, educators, researchers, marketers, news aggregators, and social media companies. Therefore, Ad Fontes Media is committed to providing the most consistent and fair ratings possible in all circumstances. For more detail on how we manage conflicts of interest, see our Stakeholders Statement.

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