Support This Work!



If you would like to support the development of this project, you can throw some money our way. Instead of contributing funds through Patreon or a crowdfunding site, generous chart enthusiasts can chip in here!

Your funds will go towards creating an online version of the chart that does the following things:

  • Dynamically updates source placements over time
  • Allows you to select and deselect sources you want to see
  • Allows you to see how many readers and viewers each source has
  • Allows you to see what individual articles were ranked to come up with the placement of the sources
  • And more functions, as most requested from all of you!

Your donation is NOT tax-deductible. It will go to Ad Fontes Media, Inc., a Colorado Public Benefit Corporation founded by Vanessa Otero to carry out the work required to fulfill the needs of those who love the chart but have been asking for more.