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We want to create The Media Bias Chart: Interactive Version– a reliable compass to guide people through the crowded media landscape. We’re out to create a clickable, interactive, data-backed software tool that ranks news sources for quality and bias on an easy-to-read visual format–like the static Media Bias Chart, but so much better. Robust data sets will back our rankings, so users can have trust in them. A media-savvy citizenry makes for a better democracy. Help us build it.

Your donation is NOT tax-deductible. It will go to Ad Fontes Media, Inc., a Colorado Public Benefit Corporation founded by Vanessa Otero to carry out the work required to fulfill the needs of those who love the chart but have been asking for more.

We are working hard on the Media Bias Chart project, and will have new updates to it soon. Don’t miss the latest versions!

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