Your News Nurturer Membership includes:

  • Unlimited downloads of all versions and updates of the Media Bias Chart available in the gallery at any time.
  • Downloadable customizations of the Interactive Media Bias Chart.
  • Discount of 35% off mugs, t-shirts, and all Ad Fontes Media merchandise.
  • Access to training materials, media analysis software, and related workshops.
  • Access to an Updated Media Bias Chart poster twice per year.

Plus: Each News Nurturer Membership adds $12 dollars into the Curriculum Access Program every month!

The Curriculum Access Program provides a free unit of our Media Literacy curriculum to individual educators who lack the institutional budget to purchase it for their classrooms. Each $40 raised grants free access for up to 150 students and their instructor for a month-long unit of media literacy education.

As a News Nurturer, about 70% of your monthly membership’s dollars will go to the Curriculum Access Program, and you will provide media literacy curriculum to up to 40 students monthly.