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7 reviews for Media Bias Chart 4.0 Printed Poster

  1. Nik Bramblett

    National Review is moving farther and farther to the right. Several featured articles on their Facebook page just recently border on RWNJ conspiracy theory. I think they may need to move soon.

  2. Chris

    Where would Canadian News networks fall on this chart?

  3. layla

    this chart itself is biased

  4. John Mark

    i fell like vox would be much farther left.

  5. Shane Thrapp

    I love this chart, and I use it constantly, but will it ever be updated again? It’s April 2019 now, how have things shifted?
    Is it a matter of effort? Of Labor? I could whip up some resources, and I am a project manager. What could we do to get this going again?

  6. Brandon


    Extremely impressed of your works with this. I’m wondering if these results can be applied in the following way:

    Looking at popular political sub-reddits: /r/politics, /r/conservative, etc…For each of these sub-reddits, very often they link articles from the websites you have in your media bias charts and very often they are the top posts of the page. Is it possible to calculate the % of each website is mentioned then use your bias/quality metrics to estimate where the sub-reddit falls on the chart?

    For example, it is my assumption /r/politics leans strongly left and low quality propelled by the extreme side of politics, but they don’t like hearing that. On a similar note, I feel this problem exists in all popular political sub-reddits, it’d be nice to have some way of quantifying this.

  7. Ellen

    I refer to this chart frequently, and urge others to do so. I am careful to quote and post only articles from the green and yellow boxes. To get a balance view, I try to read an article from the left and right sides of those boxes daily.
    I agree with the previous commenter; the National Review has moved into the right orange box. Instead of facts and analysis, it is full of insults and name-calling.

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