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15 reviews for Media Bias Chart 4.0: Downloadable Image and Standard License

  1. Dan Clements

    Vanessa and crew’s Media Bias Chart continues to be an outstanding product. The new tools are a great addition, as is the inclusion of the Financial Times.

    Well done!

    • Vanessa

      Thanks, Dan!

  2. Jean Donham

    Vanessa’s Media Bias Chart serves as a thought-provoking resource. In a time of polarization, not only in politics, but in news sources, this is such a valuable tool! I have shared the link to the blog with many educational colleagues!

    • Vanessa

      Thanks, Jean!

  3. Joycelyn Landrum-Brown

    I love your chart and have found it helpful in starting discussions on Media bias in my classes. You gave me permission to use the previous one in educational settings, do I still have permission to use this one. I think you sent me a clearer copy before, is that possible again.

    • Vanessa

      Yes, of course! Any educators who have previously received a royalty-free copy and license can receive the updated one by contacting us at All prior purchasers of licenses will automatically be receiving updated versions.

  4. Rebecca Langrall

    I appreciate the work you have put into this chart and look forward to using it as a filter in political conversations with others.

  5. LuDean Marvin

    The box colors are a bit difficult to read now. The yellow bleeds into the orange and the orange into the red. Could you make the lines wider, or even brighter? Or use a different set of colors altogether for lines that abut each other? My point review number reflects my admiration for the whole chart concept, not for this individual chart.

    • Vanessa

      Thanks for the feedback–I’ll work on improving the visibility.

  6. James Demers

    Pretty good overall, but hard to read with all the overlapping logos. I’d slide ’em around a bit for better clarity, since “exact” positions aren’t essential. Also for clarity, the rectangles need to be separated, and not laid up against one another.

    As to substance, I think your placement of Wonkette is way off base… they skew far left, for sure, but the articles are as close to 100% factual as they can make them. (Most of the content is sourced from elsewhere on the chart, with citations, so it’s hard to understand how the facts become less factual when repeated.) Heck – they even publish retractions when they get something wrong. That’s enough to put them a notch above Daily Kos. No higher than that, since they’re pretty selective in what they choose to report. The snark is laid on with a trowel – that’s what they’re all about – maybe you mistook the jokes for fabrications?

  7. Susan Goldstein

    Excellent information.

  8. Steve Straight

    This is just solid work all around. I am featuring this chart and its discussions in my composition class, which has a theme of Detecting Bias, Spin, and Bullshit in the Media. Students are hungry for this.

  9. Lynn Alan Heath

    I have been using your chart and ranking since my son introduced me to it. I would like to obtain the downloadable version, but being on a fixed income [SS Disability] cannot afford the $15.

    • Vanessa

      No problem! I’ll e-mail you!

  10. Holly Tkaczyk

    Great site and inforgraphic. I’m doing a fake news workshop and it looks like a great resource.

  11. Karen Jovin

    This has been so helpful in taking personal responsibility for taking in the news from multiple perspectives

  12. Steve Lundquist

    I feel this is such an important topic, I am dedicating a Toastmasters speech to this. The chart is fantastic and easy to understand. I hope that it will allow for better discourse with people who have been poisened by all that garbage in the red and orange boxes.

  13. hector361955 (verified owner)

    Just bought the downloadable chart and license. It helps my ADD brain get organized. I did run into a news source I’d never seen before MB.NTDNEWS.COM. Do you know it? It appears to be Chinese but I couldn’t find any info about that made sense.

  14. Lisa R Smith (verified owner)

    Hi – I paid for the downloadable chart 11/24 or there about and didn’t get any info on how or where it is so I can download it. Can you help me

  15. William Lodge

    You show ABC and CBS in the green “news” rectangle, yet neither station (nor NBC) broadcast Virginia Governor’s Northam’s live press conference on Sat Feb 2, 2019. It was about his support of infanticide (his words) and the racist picture found in his medical college yearbook (his words again). FoxNews, however, did broadcast the entire conference (about 40 mins). ABC, CBS, and NBC are also known as part of the “liberal media” so it’s not surprising they would avoid report any bad news about Democrats. I think I would change the placement of ABC and CBS on the chart.

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