For use by multiple educators and up to 5000 students

CART is a Software-as-a-Service platform accessible through any internet browser and available by monthly subscription, which includes:

Access to CART interface for educators and students


  • Enter students in the CART platform to give them access to rate assigned news articles on a blank Media Bias Chart interface
  • Use Ad Fontes Media’s pre-assigned articles or enter your own—as many as you want, from any internet source
  • Use for in-class exercises or at-home assignments
  • View each students’ ratings on their individualized Media Bias Charts
  • View total class ratings on a class-average Media Bias Chart
  • See students’ ratings compared to each other
  • See students’ ratings compared to Ad Fontes Media Analyst’s ratings
  • View assignment progress
  • Use a simplified or advanced version of the methodology and ratings interface according to your students’ needs
  • Use as little or as often as you need; the CART platform is adaptable for short one-time media literacy units, periodic current events assignments throughout the year, or as a basis for entire classes


  • Receive assigned news articles to rate from across the media landscape
  • Use interactive sliders to evaluate each factor and give each article a reliability and bias placement on the Media Bias Chart
  • View assignment progress
  • View ratings in individualized Media Bias Chart


Pre-loaded articles all year long

  • Each week, Ad Fontes Media pre-loads six articles from across the media landscape into the platform, all regarding the same general topic from the current week’s news cycle, which allows students to learn about current events while developing news literacy skills. Ad Fontes Media analysts rate these six articles and publish the ratings each week

Extensive educator and student training materials, methodology instructions, technical use guides, and lesson plan ideas in written and video format

  • Each content analysis concept is broken out into short printable handouts and three-to-six-minute-long videos
  • Training materials can be used for pre-assigned reading or viewing

Downloadable Media Bias Chart versions for in-class and at-home reference while using the CART platform