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MSNBC Bias and Reliability Overview

MSNBC is a cable television channel that provides NBC News coverage, in addition to original reporting and political commentary on current events. Established in 1996, MSNBC is owned by the NBC Universal Worldwide News Group division. Ad Fontes Media rates MSNBC in the skews left category of bias and as mixed reliability in terms of reliability.

Overall Score

A team of analysts at Ad Fontes Media regularly reviews articles and news programs to rate them in terms of bias and reliability. A weighted average of these ratings results in the overall score for the media source.

The bias rating, demonstrated on the Media Bias Chart®️ on the horizontal axis, ranges from most extreme left to neutral to most extreme right. The reliability rating, demonstrated on the chart’s vertical axis, rates sources on a scale from original fact reporting to analysis, opinion, propaganda and inaccurate/fabricated information.

The following are MSNBC’s overall bias and reliability scores according to our Ad Fontes Media ratings methodology.

Reliability: 37.54

Bias: -14.01

Reliability scores for articles and shows are on a scale of 0-64. Scores above 24 are generally acceptable; scores above 32 are generally good.

Bias scores for articles and shows are on a scale of -42 to + 42, with higher negative scores being more left, higher positive scores being more right, and scores closer to zero being the most neutral and/or balanced.

Individual Article Scores

The following articles were reviewed by Ad Fontes Media analysts on the basis of reliability and bias. Each article was reviewed by at least three analysts: one conservative, one liberal and one moderate.

The team considers a variety of factors when rating a news article. To determine its reliability score, we consider the article’s veracity, expression, and its headline and graphics. We add each of these scores to the chart on a sliding scale, with the average of those creating the article’s overall reliability score.

To determine an article’s bias score, we consider its language, its political position and how it compares to other stories from other sources on the same topic. We add each of these scores to the chart on a sliding scale, with the average of those creating the article’s overall bias score.

Article URL Bias Reliability
What Biden's speech defending voting rights was missing-19.6728.67
Leaked RNC emails prove Republicans always knew Trump was lying about 2020 fraud-17.3325.33
The Cuba protests are a cry for help. America needs to listen.-18.3332.67
Matt Gaetz says Trump should become speaker of the House. Is that possible?-10.3334.67
Whiteness helps shield Donald Trump from election consequences-19.3324
Hunter Brittain's death in a police traffic stop is injustice. Period.-13.6734
Senate Democrats' $3.5 trillion budget plan goes big — finally-15.6734
Mitch McConnell's disdain for Biden's stimulus win says volumes-1234.33
What Trump's Facebook, Google and Twitter lawsuits really mean for his campaign-1041.33
The Supreme Court's Arizona voting decision was worse than expected-13.6729.33
Sha'Carri Richardson's drug test suspension is the end result of racist policies-1032
Biden's defense of new airstrikes in Iraq and Syria is weak-21.3331.33
GOP's 'critical race theory' astroturfing is the new tea party-18.6726.67
Trump cost the GOP both races and control of the Senate. What's next?-1329.67
Bill Cosby's release from prison was no win for Black America-9.6730.67
Trump Organization indictments for Allen Weisselberg a small but important step-15.3331
Kristi Noem's immigration policy: Send privately-funded national guard troops to Texas.-11.3333.67
Kevin McCarthy has chosen bigotry over truth. And the GOP is following his lead.-15.3334.33
The right-wing freakout about 'critical race theory' began in the 1960s-10.6732.67
Why DOJ's Georgia election lawsuit is a warning shot to SCOTUS-8.3341
The GOP filibuster of the For the People Act shows they're afraid to debate voting rights-19.3331.33
Michigan GOP shoot down Trump's big election lie — sort of-9.839.8
This Pride Month, LGBTQ people deserve gay rights, not a temporary logo-11.637.6
Derek Chauvin's new trial ask was denied. Now comes sentencing.-10.238
Trump asking if DOJ could investigate 'SNL' was a dictator move-14.628
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