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Brands are realizing the risks of being associated with low-quality highly polarized news content and misinformation. Media partners play a crucial role in ensuring brand ad placements run alongside news that is brand-safe and aligned to their values. 

They are also realizing the opportunity cost of both inadequately screening out poor news content and failing to “screen in” high quality news content. This new awareness among brands creates an opportunity for smart marketers, agencies, and technology platforms to help their advertisers increase both brand safety and ROI around news properties.

Beyond that, we believe brands and marketing service providers have a crucial role to play in how both good journalism and junk news are funded. Ultimately, ad dollars can be deployed in such a way that supports valuable news and disincentivizes divisive and misleading content.

Products and Services

Ad Apex™ 

A news media planning technology tool for mitigating fake, misleading, divisive, and polarizing content

Quick & Easy to Use

  • Ad Apex™ is an automatic news reliability and bias screening tool that can be integrated into other systems with a simple API
  • Intuitive interface based on Ad Fontes’ Interactive Media Bias Chart application
  • Automatically updates news article and source ratings from Ad Fontes Media’s public and private data sets

Brand Customizable

  • Reliability and bias filters can be adjusted to desired brand-specific tolerance thresholds for all rated news sources.

Cost Effective

  • Compared to competitors, Ad Apex™ is more complete, cost effective, and scalable.

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Custom Content Ratings Services

Our team of analysts can rate almost any piece of news, news-like, or informational content in written, visual, and/or audio format within our content analysis methodology framework.

Ad Fontes Media performs custom content rating services projects as one-time or ongoing engagements for any aspect of the media landscape on which marketers need insight.

Content ratings for particular “sources” (i.e., particular TV shows/networks, online properties, print publications, podcasts, or radio shows) are performed by selecting a sample of individual articles, episodes, or shows over a defined period of time. A politically balanced and demographically diverse team of analysts scores each article, episode, or show according to a number of existing sub-factors for reliability and political bias.

Nearly all informational content fits within the framework of the Media Bias Chart ratings system, but for non-political or non-news content, Ad Fontes Media can provide content scoring on additional factors as desired for particular insights.

Our analysis framework includes “overall” scoring for reliability and bias plus sub-factor scoring on the following factors:


  • Expression
  • Veracity
  • Headline/graphic/lede/chyron


  • Language (political)
  • Political position
  • Comparison (included topic selection and omission)

Additionally, our team has experience and a framework for ratings shows having guests in interview formats.

Consulting, Training, and Speaking

Our Founder and CEO Vanessa Otero and select Ad Fontes Media industry expert advisors are available for consulting, training, and speaking on news source reliability and bias. We can help marketers–whether brand managers, ad agencies, or technology platforms–address the unique challenges of brand safety and responsibility in the news.

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Our Customers and Partners

Listen to the following episode of The John Batchelor Show, in which Oxford Road CEO Dan Granger discusses how Ad Fontes Media is helping his agency use advertiser dollars responsibly in news and opinion content.