We will be launching a media literacy software platform so you can implement the Ad Fontes Media methodology in your own classroom.

Over the past few years, many educators have been using the blank version of the Media Bias Chart to have their students rate articles and sources.

Our software tool will walk students through our Ad Fontes rating methodology for articles, and will allow them to record their ratings online like our analysts do.

You will be able see and grade them, and will be able  display a whole classroom’s ratings of articles and sources.

Follow our own weekly article assignments on current events, or create your own curriculum for a week, month, semester, school year, or any time period you choose. Input as many articles as you like, from any news source.

Lesson plans and training materials, including videos, will come with all subscriptions.

If you would like to receive an e-mail update when we launch this product, fill out the contact form below.