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Charles is a Founder, Board Member, and Chief Research Officer of Knowledge Factor, Inc.

Charles has launched five companies and one foundation. He is known for developing the royalty-free image delivery model at Digital Stock Inc. which revolutionized image acquisition and delivery via the Internet. Digital Stock was one of fastest growing private companies in the 1990’s and was sold to Bill Gates’ Corbis Corporation. In 2001 Charles co-founded Knowledge Factor and developed the amplifire learning platform. Amplifire is the world’s first online training system that uses insights from educational psychology and neuroscience. In field tests, amplifire has increased speed to competency by 50% and extended retention from weeks to years. Charles is also a co-founder and a board member of the E. O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation, inspired by the insights of the world’s most awarded living scientist, E.O. Wilson. He is also a board member of Nature and Culture International which has conserved 14 million acres in South America.

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