CART for Educators

CART is a Software-as-a-Service platform accessible through any internet browser and available by monthly subscription. CART stands for Content Analysis Rating Tool. It is intended for students 7th grade and higher, including college-level and adult education classes.

Teach students critical thinking skills using a structured, step-by-step process. With CART, now you can teach students how to rank news sources according to the Ad Fontes Media methodology. Download the CART Product Summary (1-page PDF)

CART for the Classroom: For use by one educator and up to 150 students, billed monthly or annually.

CART for the Department: For use by multiple educators and up to 1000 students, billed monthly or annually

CART for the School: For use by multiple educators and up to 5000 students, billed monthly or annually.

It’s one thing to show students where sources rank on the Media Bias Chart. It’s another thing to teach them how to rank sources on the Media Bias Chart themselves.

For questions about the CART Platform for Educators, contact