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OAN Network Bias and Reliability

OAN Network Bias and Reliability Overview OAN Network (One America News Network) is an independent media company owned by Herring Networks Inc. Its platform focuses on conservative news and opinion. Established in 2004, its primary production operations are in California and Washington, D.C. Ad Fontes Media rates OAN Network as skews right in terms of ...Read more

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Townhall – Bias and Reliability

Townhall Bias and Reliability Overview Townhall is a print magazine and website that features news, conservative columnists, talk radio voices and podcasts. The site records more than 20 million visits per month. Launched in 1995 by The Heritage Foundation, Townhall is now owned by Salem Media Group. Ad Fontes Media rates Townhall as hyper-partisan ...Read more

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CNBC Bias and Reliability

CNBC Bias and Reliability Overview CNBC is a business news TV channel and website owned by NBCUniversal News Group. Its coverage focuses on real-time financial market and business content. The website records 91 million visits and the TV channel reaches 5.7 million viewers per month. Founded in 1989, CNBC has headquarters in New Jersey ...Read more

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Salon Bias and Reliability

Salon Bias and Reliability Overview Salon is a news and opinion website created in 1995, one of the first all-digital media outlets. It was created by David Talbot, a former editor for the San Francisco Examiner. The Salon website records approximately 12 million visits each month. The site covers a variety of topics, from ...Read more

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The Epoch Times Bias and Reliability

The Epoch Times Bias and Reliability Overview The Epoch Times is an international newspaper founded in 2000 by Chinese-Americans who had fled Communism in China. It is published online in 21 languages and in 33 countries. Based in New York City, it is owned by the Epoch Media Group. It publishes in both print and ...Read more

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The Root Bias and Reliability

The Root Bias and Reliability Overview The Root is an online magazine targeted to African Americans, with the tagline “The Blacker the Content the Sweeter the Truth.” It is known for its annual Root 100 list of influential Black people between the ages of 25 and 45. The Root was launched in 2008 by literary ...Read more

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The Independent Bias and Reliability

The Independent Bias and Reliability Overview The Independent is a British online newspaper based in London. It is promoted as being “independent of political party allegiance.” The print edition was founded in 1986 and ended publication in 2016. The Independent reaches 24.6 million readers through its various platforms, with its U.S. edition reporting a growing ...Read more

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