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Breitbart Bias and Reliability

Breitbart Bias and Reliability Overview Breitbart News is an international news company launched in 2007 by conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart and Larry Solov. In 2017, its former executive director, Stephen Bannon, left to work in the Trump administration. The website records more than 74 million visits each month. Ad Fontes Media rates Breitbart News ...Read more

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ZeroHedge Bias and Reliability

ZeroHedge Bias and Reliability Overview ZeroHedge is an online financial blog and aggregator of news and political commentary. Original content is posted anonymously under the pseudonym Tyler Durden. It was created in 2009 by Daniel Ivandjiiski, a Bulgarian former investment banker in the U.S. ZeroHedge has been accused of spreading conspiracy theories and was temporarily ...Read more

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The Bulwark Bias and Reliability

The Bulwark Bias and Reliability Overview The Bulwark is a news and opinion website created in 2018 after The Weekly Standard political magazine ceased publishing. It was founded by conservative commentators Charlie Sykes and Bill Kristol. The staff is made up of several editors and reporters from The Weekly Standard. The Bulwark is a project ...Read more

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Real News Network Bias and Reliability

Real News Network Bias and Reliability Overview The Real News Network is a nonprofit news organization that focuses its news and documentary format on topics related to the climate change crisis, in addition to other social and economic concerns. Its motto is “The Future Depends on Knowing.” Founded in 2007, The Real News Network has ...Read more

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FiveThirtyEight Bias and Reliability

FiveThirtyEight Bias and Reliability Overview FiveThirtyEight is a website created by analyst Nate Silver that features poll analysis, politics, science and sports blogging. Its name refers to the number of electors in the U.S. electoral college. Founded in 2008, it was transferred in 2018 from ESPN Inc. to ABC news, which is owned by Walt ...Read more

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Chicago Tribune Bias and Reliability

Chicago Tribune Bias and Reliability Overview The Chicago Tribune is a daily newspaper and the largest news organization in the Midwest, with a focus on the Chicago, IL, area. Founded in 1847, it is owned by Tribune Publishing and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting in 1976, 2008, and for Explanatory Reporting ...Read more

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Bloomberg News Bias and Reliability

Bloomberg News Bias and Reliability Overview Bloomberg News is an international news agency founded by Michael Bloomberg and Matthew Winkler in 1990. Originally focused on business news, the agency now covers a variety of topics, with headquarters in New York City, London and Hong Kong. Ad Fontes Media rates Bloomberg News as neutral in ...Read more

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Houston Chronicle Bias and Reliability

Houston Chronicle Bias and Reliability Overview The Houston Chronicle is a daily newspaper founded in 1901 based in Houston, Texas. The print publication has 825,000 daily readers, with 1.4 million on Sundays. Its websites -- a free site and one available only with a subscription -- reach 15 million people each month. The Chronicle ...Read more

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TMZ Bias and Reliability

TMZ Bias and Reliability Overview TMZ (Thirty Mile Zone) is a website focusing on entertainment news. It is known for featuring celebrity gossip, interviews, videos and photos. Launched in 2005, the site was originally part of Warner Bros. but now is owned by Warner Media, a division of AT&T. Based in Los Angeles, TMZ ...Read more

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Denver Post Bias and Reliability

Denver Post Bias and Reliability Overview The Denver Post is a daily newspaper and website published in the Denver, Colorado, area. Founded in 1892, it is now owned by Digital First Media. The website reaches 5.7 million people each month, and the print publication has an average daily circulation of 416,000. The Post has ...Read more

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